Success cases

The Problem:

We were contacted by Fanapel, through Ventus Ingeniería, to carry out the design and study of the new steam distribution and condensate return network to be installed in their plant located in the city of Juan Lacaze, Colonia, Uruguay. The new network would be fed with superheated steam from a new water-tube boiler, already awarded to a local supplier. This superheated steam would be used for electricity generation through a turbine and also to supply steam to the plant processes.

The Challenge:

The main challenge was to design a system that would work correctly within the limitations of the existing civil infrastructure, the position of the boiler, and the position of the turbine, which were already defined, as well as the permissible values of stresses in the turbine connections.

The Solution:

Finally, after many hours of work and dialogue with Fanapel and Ventus, we managed to arrive at a design that fit within all building constraints and respected all applicable design criteria, such as slopes, permissible stresses, allowable expansions, fluid velocities, pressure losses, heat losses, and the most critical point: the stresses at the 3 points of connection of the pipes with the turbine, which had very small permissible stresses for the size of the connections.

For the realization of this design, we relied on the extensive experience of our staff and the use of finite element software specifically designed for this type of systems.